IBUs: 21.2  Color: 6.2  ABV:  6.3%

The Golden One is an inspired lemon pilsen-based ale.  The combination of lemon verbena and coriander makes this ale a crisp & refreshing choice.

A smooth, unfiltered German wheat that lets the yeast shine (or cloud, rather) in all its glory.  Ours features clove spice with a hint of banana and mild hops.​

ABV:  5%

IBUs: 68.5 Color:  27.4  ABV:  7%

IBUs: 26.7     Color:  48.7   ABV:  7.1%

IBUs: 8     Color:  4.4    ABV:  4.8%

IBUs:  25.9%  Color: 87.3  ABV:  10.6% 

IBUs: 45.5  Color:  Black  ABV:  6.5%

A red as sweet as honey. Brewed with Nugget hops to add a touch of hoppy goodness to the delicious honey flavor.  This ale will leave you begging for another.

As well-balanced as our round little friend, Zeus the Toad. We use Zeus hops from our field that are carefully guarded by Zeus the Toad, who greeted us when we planted the first Zeus hop plant.
Brewed with Galena hops to bring out a little mischief in everyone.  One sip and you'll be dancing like the satyrs of the forest.

Brewed with American hops.  Don't let the wheat 'cloud' your judgment; a smarter choice for drinkability can't be found.  Drink it 'wit' an orange for an extra kick!

Brewed with the noble hops Spalt & Saaz for an experience unlike any other.  This precious beer you will guard as the Gryphon guards his greatest treasures.
We steep hops from our field in the beer of your choice for an amazingly smooth and unique experience found only at High Hops.
On Rotation
The Hop Shot
A Belgian Trippel with pears - 9.5% ABV
El Dorado
Our Golden One aged in 30-year-old tequila barrels for 8 months
Blueberry Wheat
The blueberry wheat that was loved so much last year is back this summer!
"High Hopes" Hefe

An Imperial dry-hopped Hefeweizen with New Zealand Motueka hops!​

A fermented tea 
The Weize One
The Power of Zeus
The Honeyed One

The Dark One

The Witty One
The Noble One
The Golden One

April 2nd:
Chocolate Cherry Stout
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An American-Style Hefeweizen

An Inspired Lemon Pilsner

An american red

An American Pale Ale

Dr. Pat's Double IPA
Windsor's Wee Heavy

IBUs: 96   Color: 41   ABV:  8.6%

A Devilishly delicious milk stout

A Strong Scotch Ale

An All-American Wheat

A Belgian Quad

We use the finest hops grown from our farm to craft this malty, heavily hopped beer.  Dry-hopped with citra hops.
Sweet & full-bodied with pronounced malty, caramel, and roasted malt flavors.

This is a rotating brew.

 India Pale Ale