Join us for Firkin Humpday releases every Wednesday at 5:00 pm

3/01- Belgo-IPA
          Brewed with Belgian Ale yeast to lend a nice fruity profile, this extra hoppy red was dry hopped with citrusy Summit and Saphir hops. ABV 7.3%

3/08- Fruity Weizen Sour
         An American Style Hefewiezen blended with lactobacillus and sour cherries, with just a hint of raspberries ABV 4.5%

3/15- Drunken Lullaby Red Ale
         "...And we find ourselves in the same old mess..."
          This ginger infused red ale has a balanced malt backbone with enough lemony spice flavor to make ye dance a jig! ABV 7.2%

3/22- Midnight Heat
          Dark, rich and malty with a fire brewing, this american (not so) sweet stout was aged on habanero peppers and berries to give the sweet a little heat... ABV 6.4%

3/29- Apple Paesan
         "Heya Paesan!"
         Come in and try our take on an Apple Pie Saison. Cinnamon and nutmeg meld with the balanced apple flavors while the bready wheat malt brings it all together. ABV 7%